The Process

My training is based in Energy Leadership™, which will help you develop a personally effective style of leadership. My approach is enhanced by my background in engineering, information science, and leadership training. I describe the work we will do as Deep, Results driven, and Logical.


I started with one of my first clients by asking him, “What do you want?”

His response was that he really didn’t know, but he was clearly frustrated at work. I began by asking some questions, and as we spoke, he revealed the feelings he had around some common work issues. He was learning to be conscious of not only what was happening, but what about him was causing things to happen and why he felt the way he did. We talked about what is really important to him and why he felt out of sync with his own values at work.

James Ryan had some great thoughts at the 2016 HGSE commencement about asking powerful questions.

Results Driven

We started by working on some specific communication and time management practices, and in a few weeks, some things began to open up for him. He felt some stress around some time management issues, and because he’d been paying attention, he suddenly realized what his own inner critic was doing to his productivity.

He said, “Wow, is THIS what we’ve been doing? This is incredible.”

From there, he’s been able to change some of his work behaviors, improving his productivity and satisfaction at work and at home beyond what he thought was possible.

Our blocks aren’t always conscious. In fact, most times they aren’t, and we’ll find a way to manage them that makes sense for you.


We will explore where you want to go and what is stopping you from getting there. Do you want to improve your communication skills? Maybe you have specific career or personal goals. Maybe you can’t put your finger on it yet.

What’s holding you back?

No, what’s really holding you back?

I’ll have the questions that help you clarify your goals, and tie your actions to your thoughts and feelings.

I will challenge you to face your real barriers, and then show you how you can overcome them.

We will make a plan. Consider it project management for your life. I already know you’re a great problem solver. We will identify your goals, break them down into smaller pieces, and manage them one at a time. Logically.