Rob Parker

I am a certified professional coach focused on helping executives and leaders get more out of themselves and their teams.

My own background is as an IT professional. I have been a director and leader of technologists for over twenty years. I have learned that the most valuable outcome of my experience has been the ability to listen, communicate, and be conscious. When my own coach asked me why I wanted to do this, I answered that the most rewarding part of my work was developing emerging leaders; empowering them to get better at what they love doing, and enabling them to grow personally and professionally.

I love working with problem solvers. I work with executives across all fields, specializing in technical leaders. When you pair your critical thinking skills with an improved sense of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication skills, you will be a powerful, valuable asset in every aspect of your life.

Send me a message, or better yet schedule a complimentary interview, and we can get started on your future.